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Our journey with Gratitude Power began with small gatherings to present the concept of Gratitude and giving We discovered that  the power of gratitude was a new awareness and way of thinking for a lot of folks, which led us to develop education combined with scientific research around the emotional heart in order to bring clarity and focus on how Gratitude can be embedded in the energy flow of our daily lives.  This heart focused practice has been proven to create many benefits in the lives of those who choose the path of Gratitude 


To empower individuals to experience a deep connection to the heart through the vibration of gratitude.

Gratitude improves emotional and physical health, and it can strengthen relationships and communities.  Gratitude enriches human life.  It elevates, energizes, inspires and transforms.  People are moved, opened and humbled through expressions of gratitude.

Gratitude connected with a focused feeling in the heart can create major shifts in your life and even impact the earth's energy.

Our hearts contain wisdom. We have a unique “heart intelligence” that can guide us. The trouble is we don't always listen to our hearts and we don’t always take time to appreciate our lives. We're too busy. We run here. We rush there. We live our lives on the outside, centering our thoughts and feelings outward, searching for the answers. When what we really should be doing is shifting our attention inward and anchoring our feelings with gratitude.  This process can become the foundation to a life of empowerment, love and joy.

If we can learn to live a heart centered life, filled with gratitude, many of the problems that trouble us can be lessened or even eliminated. We can learn to overcome the mental frenzy that grips so many of us. Anxiety, despair, and stress many of the psychological issues that seem so prevalent in these hectic times can be overcome.  

You can overcome the challenges of your life. You can find the peace, joy, prosperity and comfort you deserve. If you choose, you can learn to live and move from a heart powered place, a space that will give you what you need. Are you ready?

We believe that the absolute quickest way to attract everything you desire in your life, is to be grateful for everything you already have.

Our philosophy is that every aspect of your life grows richer as you give thanks for what you have, and what is yet to come.  

Gratitude is a key component to the Law of Attraction. When you give gratitude for yourself and others you create a powerful force that reflects back to you an abundance of positive energy and love. Gratitude is a quality of love that creates a deep awareness of our connectedness to each other and the planet.

We provide training and tools to support and reinforce the daily practice of gratitude. 

Through the process of appreciation you can:

  Raise your energy level

  Alleviate stress

  Improve your health

  Attract more love, abundance & prosperity

  Transform your life

Our goal is to present to world a process of learning and a pathway to receiving a flow of love and abundance through the action of Gratitude.   

        As you give thanks...you receive.