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  • Networking Opportunities
  • Discounts at events and workshops
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  • Give presentations about your business or project at network mixers.
  • Gratitude Grants

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Step into a community of gratitude... this powerful space will take you on a journey through your heart  where you discover the magic of appreciation.

The Gratitude Power Community awakens the heart and shows you how to experience freedom with more abundance, more love, more positive energy as a result of practicing gratitude.  We invite you to become a part of a innovative learning experience that will truly transform your life. 

  • Receive our Gratitude newsletter
  • Experience our online journaling course
  • Tap into a network to support your goals
  • Share our experience
  • Explore - Discover - Create......with Gratitude

As we recognize the power of collective focus and shared experience through Gratitude, we set the law of attraction in motion to bring more wealth, more gratitude and more appreciation to many.  

An affordable way to promote your services, projects or special events

What if by looking at the world from a different point of view you could quickly:

  • Create a new level of visibility for your services or project

  • Attract new customers and relationships

  • Manifest prosperity and abundance

  • Expand and recreate your life through gratitude

Change is all around us.  Change that reflects the need to connect with others and create alliances that strengthens us all.  It’s time to build a global network that will serve and support all those who are ready to move into their hearts to make the earth a better place, by living, giving and growing in gratitude.

Gratitude Power's Manifest Subscription builds the network around the synergy of collective focus and shared experience through Gratitude.   Being a part of the network is like finding a new family that will support and cheer you on as you create the life you desire.

Our network creates a community of collaboration and growth without competition. We show you how to create prosperity by stepping through the doorway of appreciation and connecting with an audience seeking your services.

    When money flows...it grows

Gratitude Grants are cash awards that the Gratitude Power Foundation gives to members in the network. One of our giving strategies is to recognize those who nurture and support our philosophy with their service and practice of gratitude.   Gratitude Power believes that giving to those who uplift and nurture you will create more of the same in your life.

By being a part of the gratitude network we recognize you, your service and gratitude as an important part of healing the planet.

How it works:
Each month we will give a Gratitude Grant to someone in the network.  There’s no application process, no explaining why—We simply give.  You decide how you choose to utilize the funds—it can be for any purpose you desire.

  • Each *Gratitude Grant is based off the total membership for the month - As the network grows, the grants will grow. 

  • ·Premium subscription members complete a gratitude card upon joining the network that goes into our Gratitude Bowl.

  • We give 12 Gratitude Grants per year, by drawing a member’s name from the Gratitude Bowl. (You must be an active member when your name is drawn. )

  • · Gratitude Grants will be awarded at our monthly Gratitude Power mixer, however – you need not be present to receive a grant.  Our newsletter will also announce the recipient of the award each month.

*Gratitude Grants will begin after the first 100 members have joined the network.


This is where you can connect to other members and also where your service will be presented to the world.  The online portal is where you can:

  • Connect with other members

  • Promote your business or projects with announcements

  • Give presentations about your business or project (video)

  • Advertise with banner ads

  • Be a featured service or project

Our mission is to build a network, a movement that will make it easier for you to move from intention to action.