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Did you know that the deepest craving of human nature is the need
to be appreciated?
Give the gift of Gratitude.

Welcome to the Gratitude Power online store.  Discover the perfect gift of appreciation or find the product or workshop that will assist you in tapping into the powerful vibration of Gratitude.  We have something for everyone and when you buy, we give to many worthy causes and events.   
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Gratitude Stone Gift
More Info...     $14.95

Affirmations of Gratitude CD
More Info...    $19.95

Gratitude Power Beads
More Info...                     $15.00

Gratitude Earrings

More Info... $29.95

Gratitude Bracelet

More Info...        $29.95 BUY
Gratitude Bracelet

More Info...        $39.95 BUY

Gratitude Journals

More Info... $14.95

Gratitude Magnets

More Info...

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